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My factory’s goal is develop on the technology,client on the quality,reasonable cost,hope to cooperate with the client honestly.

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Guangya mould Is specialized in injection mold manufacturing private sector. Our factory has advanced mold technology professionals, CAD / CAM / CAE technology for 3D design, drafting, modeling can be adopted in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

Guangya Mould`s core business strategy is to provide one-stop service mould solution,which include Mould component,mechanical design,mould design,mould fabrication,plastic component manufacture and secondary processing service. .

focuses on quality and on-time delivery. We dedicate ourselves to produce injection moulds, injection moulding parts that exceed our customers’ requirements with a complete set of CNC equipments.

Many people already know us as one of the best manufacturers and exporters of plastic chair moulds, table moulds, crate moulds, pallet moulds, and Car moulds and so on.

Our main Business Scope

Auto parts moulds:bumper mould,dashboard mould,Door panels .

Industrial goods moulds:pallet mould, crate mould,Beer Crate Mould, paint container mould ,etc.

Commodity Moulds:Chair Mould,Stool Mould,Table Mould,Bucket Mould,Basket Mould,Food Container Mould,Storage box mould,Dustbin Mould, etc.

One-year warranty since the date of delivery (except manmade damages from use) Under warranty, if customer encounters problem in mould quality, Aojie shall maintain and change components in no charge. Our experienced engineers will provider all round technical solutions to any problems occured in customers' mould operation


Since its establishment, the company has kept the pace of our equipment and the development of the world's advanced equipment, and strived to maintain its leading position in the same industry. Hardware security is provided with quality assurance.

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