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The car grille is the mesh part of the front of the car. The front grille of the vehicle is located between the front bumper and the front crossbeam. Its biggest effect is the air inlet and reduces the air resistance. Our designers carefully calculate the input and output of air, according to the special requirements of customers to design the Auto Grille Mould, improving the quality and rationality of mold design. The reasonable configuration of injection gate can reduce the pressure difference of cavity and directly affect the quality of automobile grille.

We have high-precision CNC equipment, and the size of each processed part is detected to ensure the accuracy of the mold. Our professional production technology can avoid the defect of the car grille surface and the problem of cutting flash, and help to form smooth surface. High quality, efficient, professional, experienced and personalized service are our main advantages. According to customer's demand, we will provide the most suitable Auto Grille Mould. You can rest assured to buy our moulds.

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Automotive Grill mould