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Automobile bumper is an important safety device. Our Auto Bumper Mould has enough strength and rigidity. It plays a buffer role in collision, protects the car body, pursues the harmony and unity with the body shape, and is also light in weight. The reasonable arrangement of injection orifice can reduce the pressure difference of cavity and directly affect the quality of bumper products. We usually use inner parting surface process design. The advantage is that the parting line is hidden in the inside of the bumper, which is not visible after the car is assembled and does not affect the appearance.
The surface of the Auto Bumper Mould is smooth, and there are no process defects such as shrinkage printing, weld line, silver wire, color separation, lack of material, flash, crack and deformation. In addition, we have the world's advanced mold manufacturing and testing equipment, committed to providing customers with more advanced, more reasonable, more precise high-quality mold. If you want to know more about our automobile plastic mold and service, please contact us.

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Automotive Bumper mould