Quality Control

Taizhou Guangya Mould Co.,Ltd.

Technology and quality oriented

Quality assurance

With the support of various precision measuring equipment resources and quality personnel with relevant qualifications, strict control of mold production quality from raw materials, process, and final inspection has been realized in a true sense, and through the implementation of quality management system, real-time monitoring and improvement The degree of quality control of the entire company.

01Quality Policy

full participation, full process control, overall improvement, to the pursuit of product zero defect.

02Company orientation

A determined and dauntless enterprise, to be one of the first class mould manufacturers in the world by continuous efforts.

Raw Material Test Non-Destructive Test Material Certificate Non-Destructive Test Report Hardness & Size Report
Standard Component Inspection Hardness & Size Report Operation Specifications
Standard mold base Inspection Standard mold base Inspection Report
Electrode Inspection Electrode Inspection Report
Process Inspection Test after each Machining (CNC,EDM,Polishing) Process Test Report
Heat Treatment Test Quenching and High Temperature Tempering, Nitrogenation, Distressing, Quenching, Nitroge-carburization
Assembly Process Check Mold Check Report of Trial Mold
Trial Mold Inspection Report of Mold Trialpavt
Mold-Disassembly Check Mold-Disassembly Check Report
Product Test FAI all size inspection Report CMM Inspection Center Mold-Disassembly Inspection Report
Delivery Inspection Mold Check List(Appearance, Spare Parts, Manual, Etc.) Shipment List
Packaging Check(Material Quality, Size, Collocation, Etc.) The Report of Packaging